Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Love !!

Whats the minimum age when ppl start falling in love ? 
well the answer could be high school (15 yrs).. well i fell in love at the age of 7 ..!! too early right.
the question will be with whom ...?? 
Y is it always "whom" y cant is be "what" . well in my case the question has to be framed as with what i fell in love .Near my house in Jamshedpur, there happend to be a basketball court and every evening i saw group of ppl jumping to collect an Orange colored ball after every time it was thrown in the air aiming towards a board with a hanging basket. I was curious, i went to the court and requested the group asking them in humble voice "mai bhi khelun ?" one of the guy in the group told me that i will get hurt if i play with them. the warning was quite true !!! all the guys were much taller than me, i was alone with an age of 7 yrs. but i insisted and got on to the ground , stood under the basket. i kept jumping in a group of guys all taller than me to collect the ball but to my bad luck it never reached my hands. 
Then a gentleman offered me the ball and asked me to shoot it at the basket.... i took the ball and with all my poower and force i threw it in the air and to my surprise it went to the target and i counted a shot. That was a moment of joy for me and i fell in love with the game..!! yes the Game. 
From that time onwards every evening i started comming to the court and stood with the group jumping but with no results.. ;) i never gave up !! i started to learn the basic techniques in basketball like dribbling, shooting, lay ups for next 3 yrs . and i use the see the senior players play the game. after 3 years at the age of 10 i first time got a chance to actually play an official game, i dont remember how i performed there !!! but i was it ... i never looked back from then i started playing at school and got into the school team too . and years passed i began to play like professionals and my game was appritiated by all viewers, i played at different state levels too. 

If some one asked me to get up in the morning 5 am and study, i never did but when i was called for basketball practice at 5 am i was always the first one to reach the ground.. and that showed my love for the game. i continued playing till my engineering days..
Now the time is different i always complain that i dont have time for it !! but i really long to get into the court and show my skills... I Miss It a lot ..!!  


Khushboo said...

Gud to know dat u r n so much love wid bastket ball also ;)
Hey very nice post.. Keep goin and also keep playin... :)

Vivek said...

Very nice updates...hmmm good yaar...nice ...
You have inspired me to start writin

VIGNESH said...

good enthu machi...done well...nice