Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can a computer Game help fight the Swine Flu..!!

In todays world Gaming has almost reached the state where u can compare it with reality.
this was not the case some 10 years back, and this has led to uncover a lot more which gaming can provide todays society. We find a lot of teenagers who are addicted to gaming. It takes some great ideas or concept, skilled programing, high level of graphics, Dolby sound. the XBox marked a success story in the field of gaming.
Coming to the point,
A Game to tackle Swine Flu ...!!

i don't know how to treat this statement, stating that people are making use of this pandemic situation to make money out of it or a way by which they can educate the audience about the flu and ways to fight it. just to get deep into it i played an online game called
The Great Flu
which declares that its a way to let the world know about the flu and fight against it. It says - The clock is ticking, people are dying and a flu virus is sweeping the globe -- that is the scenario of a new computer game designed to make people think about how to respond to the swine flu pandemic. The scenario as the game defines involves the player who is given a limited Virtual Fund to fight the flu. Players face tough choices with limited funds -- and taking decisions such as closing major airports do not come cheap. And just to concentrate minds, a map of the world shows the spread of the virus.

"If the money is well invested, the pandemic can be stopped," said Albert Osterhaus, head of virology at Rotterdam's Erasmus Medical Centre, who is credited as the game's scientific editor.

"The game is very realistic and has an educational value," he told AFP. "It informs people how the virus spreads, what the flu is and on the ways to fight the pandemic."

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